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Mascot Accessories


What are trousers without a belt, shoes without socks and ears without a knitted hat? The socks, the extra holster pockets, the knee pads and the other accessories lead to a great experience at work. As with all MASCOT products, the accessories for your workwear are also of the best quality.

MASCOT has a large selection of everything you cannot do without. All products are durable and can withstand many hours of usage per day – every day.

Comfort and functionality are achieved with the right accessories for your workwear. A belt helps to carry the many kilos of tools on your trousers in the right place. And knee pads are an absolute necessity in a busy workday for many tradesmen.

Choosing the right socks is also not a small matter. They must not crease, otherwise the shoe can start chafing. The socks must be close to the foot and have a reinforced heel and toe, so they are comfortable and last a long time.
Add comfort to your working day with knee pads, work socks, knitted hats, hoods and other MASCOT accessories. In addition to this, the extra features, such as the loose holster pockets, will improve your efficiency at work.