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Mascot Industry Jackets

Mascot International Ltd is a high quality workwear manufacturer based in Denmark.

Mascot Work Jackets are a dream range for Industrial laundries and industrial end users. Comfortable clothing that keeps its shape, colour and quality industrial wash after industrial wash.
Products: Complete industrial range in three lines: one in pure cotton, one in canvas and one in a classic twill weave. Light and general items for all seasons, as well as heavier warmer items for winter.
Especially worn by: Industrial workers across all industries. 

Developed with the industrial laundry in mind

  • No hook and loop tape is used
  • All studs are hidden to avoid risk of scratching or catching
  • Studs are open to aid easy replacement (canvas range)
  • Robust triple stitched seams
  • Durable with long life span - check out our test results!